Seven Steps To Profit

  For the last 30 years friends, relatives, and strangers have asked me, "How do you make money buying vehicles from Government Auctions?" The WWW has made it a lot easier. Seven Steps To Profit takes you from a know nothing auction wannabe, to becoming an auction insider. Everything is laid out, it's simple, and straight forward. If you just want a good deal on a car for your personal use, or would like to buy and sell part time for some extra money, or have a full blown career, this is a good place to start.

7 Steps to Profit

GSA Auctions

  The General Service Administration is responsible for auctioning off government owned cars and trucks, and occasionally other vehicles. They hold both physical and online auctions. With over thirty physical auctions every month, and a large webpage made for browsing current inventory, they are a great resource for anyone who is interested in buying cheap cars.

GSA Auctions

U.S. Marshals Service
Seized Goods and Property

  If you have never been to a police department or county sheriffs auction you are in for a real treat. Just about every kind of merchandise you have ever seen in your life can be up for auction. This is just a short list: vehicles, car/home stereo equipment, jewelry, bikes, auto tools, desktop computers and laptops, and a wide range of electronics, and much much more.

US Marshals Service Auctions

U.S. Military Surplus

$23 Billion of Military Surplus
Online Auctions

  All the toys the Military works with. Is this hot or what! Offered will be Vehicles, Aerospace and Defense, Apparel and Textiles, Construction, Consumer Goods, Electronics and Communication, Industrial Equipment, Medical and Transportation related goods.

Online Auctions:
Location:.......Online, or in person.
Inspect:.........Photo & Text Online Now.
Terms: ..........Credit Card, Cash, Cashier's Checks.
Contact:.........Government Liquidation - By Phone: (480) 367-1300 - By Fax: (480) 367-1450

DLA Military Surplus Auctions

U.S. Treasury Auctions
Seized Homes and Property

  When the Internal Revenue Service seizes property it winds up on the auction block. These auctions include everything from houses to airplanes and yachts, as well as other assorted property. Anything the IRS has seized for failure to pay taxes is up for grabs to the highest bidder.

US Treasury Auctions

Heavy Equipment Auctioneers
Specializing in Heavy Trucks, Trailers, Industrial, Commercial, and Construction Equipment.

Heavy Equipment Auctions

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